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House Seller Resource Directory | Steven Langston, Real Estate Consultant - REALTOR

House Seller 101

Over the years, the rule of law regarding the buying and selling of real estate has evolved. Thirty years ago, the contract to sell a home was about two pages and was specific to the real estate broker you were working with. Today we work with a standard contract that is ten pages and that is before we start talking about disclosures. In short, real estate has become more complicated as the laws have changed to meet the demand of the market.

As a Real Estate Consultant-REALTOR®, I firmly believe that a vital part of my function is to educate my clients on the process. I do this for two reasons. First, having a general understanding of the sale process will provide you with a foundation to understand what is important, want is anecdotal (good to know), and what might be a distraction. With the correct foundation, you have the second reason, knowledge. Knowledge about a process will lower your anxiety level regarding real estate in general, allowing us to focus on the task at hand, working on your housing goal while enjoying the journey.

Below are publications that help in the education process. I have tried to be informative and bring a little fun (where possible) to the experience. The only software you will need to view the publications is Adobe Reader which you most likely already have.

Please use the publications below to educate yourself and gain confidence in the selling process. Everyone deserves to sell their home and have the entire process enjoyable with little to no anxiety.

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Do I Really Need A REALTOR:

Do I Need a REALTOR®: This is a comical look at some of the duties of a real estate agent. Some transactions go smooth while other are less so. Be assured an experienced agent will be working hard all the while making everything look great and trouble free.

12 Costly Seller Missteps

12 Costly Seller Missteps: While this is not all inclusive of seller missteps, here is a list of the 12 most common. You want to seller your home for the most, while the buyer wants to buy for the least. Avoiding these missteps will tilt the price in your favor.

What Makes Me Different

What Makes Me Different: Okay, Okay, It is a puff piece about me. That said, it does let you know how we will work together in selling in your home.

Listing Appointment Questions

Listing Appointment Questions: So you are hiring someone to sell your home, what questions are you supposed to ask? Am I allowed to ask questions?  Here are a few that will help you to learn about the person you're considering for the job.

Home Selling Experience

Home Selling Experience: I think it is important to tell you what I am going to do, but i think it is critical to also put it in writing. If the agent(s) you are  interviewing do not have a service level commitment or guarantee in writing you should consider a different agent. The document should also have a cancelation policy clearly spelled out. My personal opinion is, if they do not have a written commitment and cancelation policy you should not sign the listing. Remember listing agreements are binding contracts.

Getting to Know BHHS Drysdale Properties

Getting to Know BHHS Drysdale Properties: Who are we and what do we stand for are important questions. Are we respectful and responsible in our business practices and do we acknowledge how we can make a difference? Here you can learn about BHHS, Drysdale Properties, our E.D.G.E partners and our Drysdale Community Foundation.

Understanding the Commission

Understanding the Commission: Confusion, misdirection and exaggeration surround this topic. Yes there is a fee associated with selling your property, but there are several hands that all get a slice of this pie. Here is a diagram to show how the commision is split up.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan: Selling your home is a combination of Product, Pitch, and Price as discussed in 12 Costly Seller Missteps, here is a high level marketing plan that is designed to cover the bases. Once the marketing foundation is built it allows me and you to focus on the additives that make your home special getting it sold and you on to the next phase in your life.

Global Listing Syndication

Global Listing Syndication: At BHHS and BHHS Drysdale we are committed to finding a buyer for your home. In that effort we push your listing out globally. Investors from around the world as well as through the United States will have the opportunity to review your property and make an offer to buy it. The object is always to put you home in front of as many buyers as we can.

Virtual Tours Matter

Virtual Tours Matter: There are thousands of virtual tour companies, some are better than others. Take Matterport, they deliver great photos but more than that they deliver a 3D tour allowing buyers the opportunity to walk virtually around your home, and the tours are VR compatible. Make sure your listing agent is committed to providing you and the buyers a superior virtual tour.

Sample Marketing Timeline

Sample Marketing Timeline: Prepping a home for sale can be quick or can take a few weeks depending on current condition. This time line is provided to give you an idea of the steps involved. Each house is different so there may be additional steps for your home.

Welcome To The Team

Welcome To The Team: While your hire a REALTOR® to sell your home you are still part of the team that makes the sale possible. Here are some tips to help in the process of selling your home. We will work together and yes you play an important part on the team.

Home Warranties Are All Different

Home Warranties Are All Different: Traditional warranties cover the buyer for 12 months, some offer sellers coverage to take care of the home from the start of the listing to close of escrow. And then there is the CRES version. This policy offers $50K is Seller Protection Plan for errors and omissions by the seller.

Home Selling Process

The Home Selling Process: Sometimes a process or plan can sound long, cumbersome or unwieldy, having a process flow to show the major steps and what comes next provide clarity and confidence. Here is a list of step or milestone we will make together.

Home Staging

Prepping Your Home For Sale: The phrase Home Staging encompasses much more that moving furniture around. Here is a list of actions that move your home to a warm but neural standing. We want everyone who come in the door to feel welcome and be thinking how they, their family, and their friends will enjoy the spaces of the home.

2017 REALTOR Code of Ethics

2017 REALTOR Code of Ethics:  The Code of Ethics has been in place for more that 100 years, and is the frame work of how REALTORS are to act toward one another, our clients, and the public.

Fair Housing Law

Fair Housing Laws: The sale of real estate in California is governed by both the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and the Unruh Civil Rights Acts together these laws govern how were are to behave legally during the sale of real estate.

How Key Dates Are Calculated

How Key Dates are Calculated: Written in to the purchase contract are dates for performances of specific tasks to be completed by seller and buyer. This publication gives guidelines on how the dates are calculated.

Sellers Guide to the Residential Listing Agreement

Guide to the Residential Listing Agreement: California has a standard listing agreement (contract) this booklet can provide explanation to what is written in the contract.

Guide to Property Transaction Booklet

Guide to the Property Transaction: General information about property transactions provided by the California Realtor Association. Bit on the dry side.

Guide to Disclosures for Sellers

Guide to Disclosures for Sellers: General information about disclosures with the buyer side as the focus, this publication is provided by the California Realtor Association.

Guide to Disclosures for Buyers

Guide to Disclosures for Buyers: General information about disclosures with the buyer side as the focus, this publication is provided by the California Realtor Association.

Sample of the Residential Listing Agreement

Sample of California Residential Listing Agreement: You should always read contracts before you sign them. So here is your opportunity to read, ask questions and become comfortable with the listing agreement.

Sample of RPA

Sample of California Residential Purchase Agreement: You should always read contracts before you sign them. So here is your opportunity to read, ask questions and become comfortable with the purchase agreement.

Sample of Common Disclosures

Samples of Common California Residential Disclosures: Sample form so you can review and become familiar with the standard California real estate disclosures.

More Common Disclosures

Samples of More Common California Residential Disclosures: More sample form so you can review and become familiar with the standard California real estate disclosures.